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A new season...



A new season - WinterSpring Farm, one year later...

The past year has been one that nobody should have to live through – from the night of the tragic barn fire that took nine horses and everything else in the large barn/arena through the long winter of loneliness and indecision, to the spring where some hope began to bloom.  It was not until late spring that Mike and I finally decided to re build our dream and our farm.  The decision partly came about as we weren’t sure what we would do if we didn’t rebuild and partly from the stirring desire to see something good grow out of the ashes. 

Our shared loss with the horse owners gave us some comfort, but they also needed to heal and find their way.  Most struggled like we did through the winter trying to figure out which way to go, what to do.   We hope they will all find peace and a way to move on from that terrible night.

When we decided to rebuild, we were faced with many decisions – where and what to build, how big, how many stalls, along with many other things.  In thinking through what I liked about my barn (pretty much everything) my first designs ended up looking just like the old barn and out they went!  After much thought, we have decided to go with a slightly smaller barn with fewer stalls and a very similar arena, and a separate hay barn.  The layout is completely different this time with the stalls on one end of the arena to take advantage of the east west air flow for ventilation.  We have added Dutch windows in all of the stalls so that the horses can hang their heads out and we can enjoy seeing them from our house.  Construction is well under way as I write this and we are hoping for completion by the end of September or early October. 

Our existing stall barn will be leased to Carrie Wilson of Wilson Sporthorses so she can continue to grow her business of starting and training young horses.  Once our new barn is complete, and we have moved out of the small barn we currently share, Carrie will begin accepting horses for training in her barn.  Carrie and I will work together to offer mutually beneficial clinics and other events at the farm.

The one year anniversary of the fire came recently, and while we indulged in a few hours of grief and remembering things so recently buried, we are now ready to move forward and are excited for what is ahead.    We will be hosting an open house once our barn is complete and we hope to see many of our friends, family and local as well as horse community share our joy and hope for the future! 


Sue & Mike Thome 

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